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Our team and our history

Actors Everywhere is an NYC based voice media production company. We handle everything from audiobooks with a single narrator, to full cast and full sound effect stories, to video game casts. We popularized duet narration in a variety of audiobook genres, have handled over a thousand audiobooks since our inception in 2019, and have worked with bestselling authors, AAA properties, video games, and continue to innovate business and creative models across a variety of art forms and media!


Below are some of the services we offer – art and media are also constantly evolving, so if you like our talent and have a new idea, reach out and let us help you with it! E-mail us either using the form below or reach out to our fearless leader Christopher, at chris at actorseverywhere dot com!

Voice Acting

Audiobook Narration

Our bread and butter: anything from short, singular narrator performances, to full cast productions complete with sound effects. Our specialty is duet narration: two narrators, in the booth at the same time. One male, one female. Trust us: it makes a world of difference. Imagine your characters actually cutting each other off, not just stopping short and switching voices. Or arguments where characters actually talk over each other, or laugh while the other narrator is reading, giving a fuller sound and bigger production value to the scene. Romance sounds just a liiiiittle bit more authentic with two people voicing your characters (assuming, y’know, that guy/gal thing – but we’re not judging! Bring it all on!) Duet narration brings listener immersion to an entirely different level – better than two people reading separately and stitching their parts together, or AI reading the parts. Reach out for rates and availability of our narrators!


Visual voice acting (video games, animated content)

Our studio has high quality equipment and is set up with Source Connect, to allow for remote direction and local narration. If it shows up on a screen and it needs some voices to go along with it, we’ve got dozens of narrators, male and female, that we can call on to make your characters happen. All of our performers have been theatrically trained as well, so their range is spectacularly creative. Give us a shout!

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Audiobook Editing

We have plenty of staff available for editing of your audio work – got the vocal chops but the editing just isn’t your jam? Let us manage that for you!


Please send us a message and we will be in touch as soon as possible